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Laverne Rogers
Newport News/VA/USA
Megaplier NOW please!!!! Thanks!!
David Flaherty
I want the megaplier
Brent Flaherty
Juanita L. Brown
I think this is a very good idea
Ramrick Glasper
Winston-Salem, NC
Adding Megaplier would provide incentive for those that do not win jackpots plus $$ to the lottery.
Robert Morrarty
Danbury,CT USA
I think it's great
John Gondeck
Baltimore, Md.
It would be good for everyone
Brett Roundtree
Tinton Falls, NJ, USA
I would gladly add the $1.00 per board bet to have a chance to multiply my winnings.
Melanie Jones
Lancaster, VA/USA
Megaplier is an excellent reward and incentive to play mega millions.
Veronica Currey
Whitwell, TN. USA
I want this. i am a frequent player.
John Svoboda
Give something to the people
Kathryn Brownlee
Pinckney, Michigan USA
please add Megaplier to Michigan Mega Millions
Harry A. Bowen
Pennsville, NJ, USA
Sounds good to me
mildred Ramsey-Anthony
Jamestown South Carolina United States
I agree
pj parson
flint mi
this is a good option for players
Joshua Remelius
Harrison Township
Great Idea!
Pamela Smith
I would like this feature addeed to the current mega millions lottery.
Marcus Deliote
Nutley, NJ
Please add the Megaplier!
Sheila M. Lacasse
South Hadley, Ma USA
Yes I think it is a good thing.
Keith Scott
Walkertown, NC, USA
This should be our choice.
Alfred D. Clayton
Gainesville, Virginia
The Megaplier would be extra money added to the system.
I like the extra chance of wining more money!!!
don bauman
alburtis, pa
megaplier --- i want it
ron bauman
alburtis, pa
megaplier --- i want it
lynda shef
boyertown, pa usa
megaplier --- i want it
Doug Brown
Littleton, NH USA
Make the same as Powerball. Also allow to choose the megaball and easy pick 5 numbers or visa versa
Anthony Cisco
New York City/NY
Powerball has it we should also
Damion Morse
Troy / Michigan / United States
I hope this passes it may increase the amount of players allowing for more monies for schools
Jerri Stobinski
I am willing to pay more for more chances to win
Jon Mason
The megaplier should be for all states!!!
Jason Leach
sounds great
Michael E. Porter
Dallas, Texas
I already have the Megaplier, & love it.
its a wonderful way to increase your winnings
Rich Shetler
do it!!!!!!
Chuck Storm
lebanon in usa
Do it!
Jani Norman
I'm for it
Miguel A. Soler
I would like to see this happen. Go for it!
Suzanne Robinson
Pawnee, IL USA
Don't have a comment
Rodney Meyer
Grand Blanc,MI USA
Good idea
Chuck Groves
Let's do it.
Boyan Chakalov
Add the Megaplier
Sandra Carpenter
Belleville Mi/USA
No state should have the right to deny its players the right to a chance of bigger payouts!!
Brandy Cottle
Portage, Mi, USA
I think it would encourage more people to play
Lawrence Mostrog
Hermitage, PA, USA
Hope it comes soon.
Dave Hart
Mt. Sterling, Ohio
Do the right thing.
Donald Thrasher
Warner Robins, GA, USA
Sounds like a winner.
Paul Borger
saline, Mi USA
I like the concept !
Shana Stillwagon
Megeplier would be great for the odds of winning since it is 1:132 million, more incentive to play.
earl struchen
snellville,ga. 30039
more money for us all

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