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cassandra hope
Beaufort, S.C.
lets all be one
Kai Jones
Detroit/ Michigan/US
i just heard of this today sounds like a good idea !!
Des Moines,IA
i always play lottery in Des Moines but I never win even if I see the number on the web, why?
Brenda Raymer
Warren, MI
it will be appreciated no discrimination
Marci McKellar
Browns Mills, NJ
I don't want to drive to PA to get my megamillions ticket with megaplier.
shafter, CA, US
Ruth Lazo
I want to be able to have the opportunity to increase my winning
gleney garcia
don't understand
Bernard F.Koester
We want to play magaaplier
more money more fun
Barbara J Brown
Silver Spring
Spread the wealth!
Robert Wall
Mt. Holly, NJ 08060
We need the Megaplier.
Avery Ecklein
Marlborough, MA, USA
Megaplier brings more profit to your state's lottery!
ernest clark
no comment
Ben Perkins
Riverside, IL
we need the multiplier!!
Stephanie Day
Chicago, IL
I agree we need the megaplier
megalier for mega millions
Kim Boyd
Washington DC
is it live or memorex?
frederick luna
Tinley Park,Ill.USA
If Texas can have it so should we.
deryl motley
hurry up;!
Ron Taylor
Newnan, GA USA
We want the megaplier. Otherwise, we'll keep buying them elsewhere and just play powerball in GA.
Shawn Smith
Newnan, GA USA
GA is one of the founders of Mega Millions (The Big Game), yet we don't have the megaplier!?!
carl cooper
Blairsville, Georgia
p;lease add megaplier
PHILA,PA 19104
it will be a big assit to our state
phoenix Az85031
wining number
Devin Myers
I would like to add the Megaplier, Immediatley
Glen Burnie Maryland USA
Why doesn't Maryland have the Megaplier?
donna hunt
i've been paying $2 for my ticket! And now I find out there is no megaplier! How can this be? I wa
Evelyn Van Steenburgh
Hoisington, Ks USA
I love playing the lottery.
clyde klevenn
laughlin nv clark
would be worth it
Scott Tison
Ogden, Utah
Give the people what they want, it is there money!
Vance McCaskill
Anniston, Alabama
Lets make both Mega Millions and Power Ball more lucrative with better payouts
walter d. booker
surely it would be a great help to everyone.
joe williams
hanover md usa
it makes itbetter
Newark Delaware
i'm ready to double my winnings
Andrew Hollendursky
Hamburg, NY USA
NY wants megaplier!
winner lotto results
J Rettinger
Oak Harbor, WA
Will play again once Megaplier is available. Until then...Powerball only for me.
Floyd Franks
I want the Megaplier
Joe Stallmann
Baltimore, Maryland,USA
Make it as interesting as Powerball
Mezgeb G Oukbagabir
just interested in results
jerry beaudry
basking ridge, nj
other states have it why not n j
derliza jacinto
chicago, il
what is so hard to include megaplier to megamillion?
R. Farmer
It would be interesting.
beulah seay
lebanon ten.
i want to get lotterynumbers
dennis gayle
richmond, va. henrico
worth it for a few dollars more
Alicia Coleman
Canton, MA
Bring to Massachusetts
bernard murphy
methuen mass usa
why not

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