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stone mountain ga.
what is the megaplier
ramon c. rios
New York City
let us participate and get better chances
R Kavanaugh, Sr.
Sooner the better
find the #lotto
Theodore Sharpe
Ashburn, VA
Add it!
roger zahn
for non jacxkpot winners
Lets make things better.
r. davis
miami / florida / usa
should apply to all lottery games
John Kyler
chincoteague v a
we need the megaplier
bet more win more
Jim Thomas
Riverside, CA USA
Multiplier Yes! Yes! Yes!
Philip Falzarano
Rising Fawn, Ga
I think the megaplier would produce more sales
Brittani Goodlett
Atlanta, Georgia
Its only right, and yes, the states can afford it!
Herman Zenk
More money to the players -more to the States.
Kimberly Wood
Pana, IL United States
even though i never win, this would be a good thing
orlando cayco
I want more equal chances and payoff
powerball has it.
ronald treacy
cape coral fl
oer money the better
William Hindman
Atlanta/GA/United States of America
DO it.
floyd berry
long Island, NY
why not?
Rudy Jones
Chicago,IL US
IL should join Tx in the megaplier
john dean
Raleigh, nc usa
We need megaplier!!!!!!
hieu le
Alfred D. Clayton
Gainesville, Va USA
Megaplier will be an excellent addition to the Mega Million Game.
Eryn Bozeman
It would make the game more exciting
Stephen Weise
Grosse Ile/Mi/USA
We all deserve to be able to benefit from a megaplier.
Bryan Hilsabeck
Bay City, Mi. USA
good luck with this cheap state, The policy here is suck every penny posible out of its residents
Themegaplier is a great idea
Connie Corley
Cushing,Ok USA
I had a ticket win on the megaplier on the Texas lottery and won more than 2.00 and that was great
kidada wooden
north miami/florida
signed by, future megamillions winner
sam henderson
resultsof drawing
Andy Czopkiewicz
Downers Grove,IL USA
I do not trust computerized lottery drawings!
Nicholas Todd
Hazel Park
Share the wealth
Joan Jackson
Holt, MI
Yes we want the Megaplier in Michigan
sv grant
let`s go for it
edmonton canada
Mattline Taylor
toano va.23168
want the megaplier
Sterling Heights, MI, USA
I'd love to have as they do in TX
James E. Williams
I want the megaplier
Brandon Reynolds
Roswell, gA
megaplyer needed
Jamie Chrisman
add it to Michigan
west olive, Michigan
yes i think this would be better for us in michigan
andres gonzalez
miami, florida
we wants the megaplier !!!!
Todd Taylor
Lansing, MI USA
Please add the Megaplier to Mega Millions!
Diann KIlcourse
Galloway NJ USA
Give us Megaplier
Gerry Roldan
Union City, NJ, USA
Never won any price. With the multiplier may be I'll have a chance to win something .
Mike shay
Canoga Park,CA
Susan Mathis
Austell,Ga. USA
I agree
Jeffery Bangs
New Albany, IN. U.S.A.
I would be willing to pay the extra dollar for megaplier and powerplay
vincent ferguson
keep me posted

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