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Dana Durec
MC VEYTOWN, PA, United States
I play the Ohio lottery for every MEGA MILLIONS drawing. PLEASE, PLEASE institute the multiplier. I
deborah neerman
we want megaplier
Kenneth L. Bachmeier
Spokane, Washington
Yes, I would also like to see the Megaplier added to the Mega drawing
wilma belcher
richmond, va. 23231
hey , want to part of this, don;t quite understand but sen information
Clif Faulklner
Charlotte, NC Meck
Get out of the dark ages
Nanette Gills
Reliance,WY. USA
Makes odds equal no matter what state a person purchases thier tickets in.
Galen Massey
it makes the game more rewarding
Kathy&Guy VanDerSchueren
Come on you guy's in Peabody Mall deserve an equal piece of the (PIE)
Gregory Wright
Jenks, OK USA
add it
kendra peacock
would like to have it added to state of tn
Theresa Williams
Philadelphia, Pa. 19124
I feel certain that someone in My Family will win
Dewey Duncan
Woodbridge, Va, Prince William
no comment
roland c lesage
toledo,ohio usa
hope you get enough names.
hank bickley
I want it.
Steven Woo
San Rafael/CA/USA
Lotto Rules!
jeff hamm
we want it
nassau,the bahamas
i need to win money so send me the lucky number
Thomas E. Biller
Rock Falls, Illinois--USA
Simeon D. Wright
Jamaica, New York, USA
Powerball has a Megaplier, why can't Mega Millions????
Richard e. jenks
James Tracy
Murfreesboro, Tn.
Mega Millions has always been better than Powerball. We need a higher megaplier than Powerball.
m dizzle
parsippany new jersey
I want to give you more money for a chance to win more.. simple eh?
James Balanta
Judith Dykman
Chugiak, Alaska, USA
add megaplier to mega Millions
teresa jenkins
pembroke ga
its about time
Steve Copeland
Please add the Megaplier. All 12 states should be equal or similiar and fair.
h s newman
hampton, va
please add the megaplier for more fun
Ronald Thomas
New York, New York
Yes, I would like to multiply my prize values!!!
Carla Kenner
Cleveland, Ohio,USA
We need the megaplier
Matthew Flis
Ability to multiply non jackpot winnings would increase revenues.
Barbara Comstock
Saucier, MS/USA
Would love to have the multiplier.
Ndi Christopher Fon
Batibo/ N.W/Cameroon
I am intersting to play your good lottery.
duc xuan vuong
win big or die
Michael J DiPonio
Please Add Megaplier
Efren DelRosario
Tinley Park, Il USA
more players
felisa campbell
brandon manitoba
no comment
Wilda Webster
Gardner, MA, USA
It gives an added incentive to play.
Connie Fleck
Clarkston, MI
It's a great idea.
Terry Forrester
Rome, Ga,-Floyd
I play the powerplay in Tennessee and wondered for awhile why we can't have it in Georgia
Why only the powerball players have this chance?
Bill Cheslik
Westhampton Beach NY USA
pick me a winner
Tami Kane
Rick Lambert
Schenectady, NY, USA
Beverly Currie
Cypress, Texas 77429
Keep me advised when there are winnings and in what area. BMC
robert brooks
all states should be equal
Earl Williams
Vauxhall/New Jersey/USA
Lets get it now.
Jerry Miga
Dunkirk, NY
Yes To Megaplier
Helen Greene
Greenwood/ MS/USA
I am not a resident of a Megamillion Lottery but I do play in Illinois. I am all for the megaplier.
George Kirkman
Los Angeles/CA/USA
All Mega Million States should have Megaplier
David Woutzke Sr
Fort Worth,TX.USA
Would Like To The Megaplier

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