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Kristin Fetters
Flint, Michigan, United States
I would like to see the megaplier to
roy price
las vegas
hope to win
robert hendershot
stillwater, n.j. usa
I would like to see the megaplier to exist.
Gerald Niedzielski
Bay City, Mi, USA
Bring it on.
Vivian F. German
New Orleans, LA
Why not??
donna cormier
yes would like the megaplier added to the mega millions game
Camille M Bane
Megaplier - YES!!!!
Tony McNeal
I beleive that all Mega Millions states should offer the Megapliier option
L. V. Williams Heim
Williston ND USA
All states have the Mega Million should have the option as Texas.
Judith Rentz
Brunswick, Ga. Glynn
Sounds like a good plan to me
Eric Gilmore
Players Deserve the best
Charles Nolan
Glassboro NJ USA
We would like to have Megaplier.
Renee Kluck
Mill Creek,WA USA
WE want the Megapiler!
Chris Gilbert
Mega Million should also put any unclaimed jackpots back into the jackpot fund.
Earl Campbell
Evart ,MI USA
Why Don't we have it?
Danny Mok
Bigger Jackpot when people are betting more
H. Virgie Cousins
Brownsboro, Alabama, USA
I go to Georgia to by my lottery tickets. Alabama is still far behind the rest of the country.
Doug Pascoe
do it
patricia robinson
Chicago, Illinois
Ken Drechsel
Ifell the need to waste even more money.
Larry E Dixon
Powerball has it, why not Mega Millions! That is the best thing I like about Powerball!
Newark ,NJ,Essex
I really like the idea and will sign for the support of a change.
Mary McCoy
Canal Fulton, OH USA
This would encourage more to play
Stan Johnson
Grand Chain, Ill. USA
We need this, we need all players to sign up
Howard McCoy
Plymouth,Mi. Wayne
should increase other prizes
Patrick Crowell
gainesville ga usa
works for me
Java L. Tivis
Great Ideal
David Daniels
Lilburn,GA, USA
We should have the Megaplier!!
Margie Woodard
I love MegaMillion
Joseph P. Garvey
Yonkers, NY USA
Please start the Megaplier
William Evans
New York
Please sign New York up!!!!!
John Edgar
mega millions wake up
robert walker
park hill oklahoma cherokee
i thank all on line players should have the chance to use the megaplier
Julio Rodriguez
West New York, NJ, USA
Yes di the Megaplier
David T. Oughton
Sterling Heights, MI USA
I support the Megaplier
don adams
orlando fl, usa
thats one way for the statesto collect more money
john day
garfield hts./ohio/usa
Rev. Brian Maurig, Jr.
Mattawan/Michigan/Van Buren
Please please please please????
gene barton
worth the money
Royce Edwards
Freehold, NJ, USA
let's stay competitive with powerball
Don Fujishige
Seattle, WA. USA
Please add megaplier feature to WA. state.
Bettina Viviano
Los Angeles, Ca. USA
Of course we should have Megaplier.
Calvin C. Gabriel
Seattle, WA, USA
Hope it happens--SOON.
Go for the Megaplier!!!
Nathaniel John Jakinovich
Harrison Township
I think the megaplier would attract more people to play the lottery, there by increasing revenue.
William Pritzker
Newark, Ohio, United States
just do it
Dawn DeRossett
Owosso, MI USA
Most of us don't win the jackpot,so why not have the megaplier.
Jon Gibbs
Verona, NJ USA
Michael Pineault
Great idea

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