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carol kilmon
royal oak, maryland
great idea
mike eldridge
Wyoming Mi USA
Please add the Megaplier!
william bailey
yes please do
Mike Laz
Clayton, NC, US of A
Why Not?
Joshua Homer
North Brunswick/NJ/USA
get with the program!
cheryl hernandez
farmington mi usa
Samuel S Moore
Goose Creek, SC
Why not have the Megaplier. I get tickets from time to time in GA and VA for your game of chance.
Melissa Mathis
Munster, IN
Lets multiply!
stacey barksdale
bellwood il. usa
please add the megaplier to our mega millions
William Charlton
the money should go to those who play and not to the state
don fleming
greensboro,nc. u.s.a.
all states should have megaplier not just texas.
shirley rhinehardt
neptune NJ
we want the megaplier!!
lou harvey
lusby,md. calvert
it is a good thing
Stephen Mungai
Lowell, MA, USA
We want access to more money!
Richard Rayburn
Brooklet,GA USA
number 427
Linda Chiappetta
Lodi, NJ USA
Please add the megaplier
C Damico
Arlington Va
Pay your tax when purchasing a ticket. People deserve to be treated honestly
S. Patel
Troy, MI USA
please megaply
Larry Wheeler
Havre de Grace/md/usa
I live within 25min. of P/B I'd rather play Mega
John JonesSR
Please add the Megaplier to all states with megamillions lottery.
Rusty Richards
Sounds Great!
J. Richards
Do it Dude!!!!!
Roy A. Merrill
Norway, MI, USA
Increase profits while increasing player winnings!!
Joseph F. Spinelli
Add this option to NJ Mega Millions
I am pro megaplier
William McCumbee
the magaplier is a great idea
Jerri Coates
Kent City, MI
please add it
Larry V. Reeves
Would like that feature and it would add revenue
W. S. Swilling
Please add this to the Mega Millions
ks rodgers
saluda sc
I play Ga lottery and want the megaplier
Alessandro Broggi
Paramus, NJ USA
we want it for NJ!!!!!
Geraldine Mitchell
Bston Ma. U.S.A.
Add Megaplier
New York, NY
Why not?.!
Colin Hunt
Please add the megaplier
Gail Patterson
New York/New York
I want the Megaplier now
Jay Leonard
Owings Mills Md
Works For Powerball
Jane Szabaga
Bloomfield, NJ
I think it's a great idea - I'd certainly play more often!
Thomas Kennedy
St Clair Shores/MI/USA
It will increase revenues and benefit the players
Seattle, WA USA
Let's do this y'all.
East Lansing/Mi/USA
want it bad!!!!
Eric Berger
Newark, Ohio, USA
Just as long as you only have the option of playing the megaplier, I'm in on it.
Dennis Fields
Detroit MI USA
Please add to Michigan
Harrison Stackpole
Troy, MI USA
I support the megaplier.
Linda Flythe
Covington, GA/USA
Add Megaplier to Mega Millions
Steve Foeller
Manassas VA
Let's do it!
Nate Walker
Sung Kang
Morton Grove/IL/US
I want them~~
Jean Lewis
Moncks Corner.S.C. USA
I think we should be able to have it also
Derek Sasai
Sounds good to me

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