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Colin Hunt
Please add the megaplier
Gail Patterson
New York/New York
I want the Megaplier now
Jay Leonard
Owings Mills Md
Works For Powerball
Jane Szabaga
Bloomfield, NJ
I think it's a great idea - I'd certainly play more often!
Thomas Kennedy
St Clair Shores/MI/USA
It will increase revenues and benefit the players
Seattle, WA USA
Let's do this y'all.
East Lansing/Mi/USA
want it bad!!!!
Eric Berger
Newark, Ohio, USA
Just as long as you only have the option of playing the megaplier, I'm in on it.
Dennis Fields
Detroit MI USA
Please add to Michigan
Harrison Stackpole
Troy, MI USA
I support the megaplier.
Linda Flythe
Covington, GA/USA
Add Megaplier to Mega Millions
Steve Foeller
Manassas VA
Let's do it!
Nate Walker
Sung Kang
Morton Grove/IL/US
I want them~~
Jean Lewis
Moncks Corner.S.C. USA
I think we should be able to have it also
Derek Sasai
Sounds good to me
Milan,Il. USA
I finally got through
maureen dorazio
sterling mass united states
i believe this is a great feature and be included as soon as possible
Tupac Shakur
south central L A
No comment
Crissy Imhoff
I see it as more money to the schools, as well as the players.
Winston-Salem, NC IYSA
Please allow North Carolina to have its own lottery. NC contributes millions and millions to Virgini
Chris Cherven
East Lansing Michigan USA
sounds worth it
C hristopher Donovan
Mattituck, New York
Dear Sirs, I am a sad, desperate and greedy man. Please, won't you please, please help? Say "YES"!!!
Josh Szedlak
Haslett, MI
Let's do it
sounds good to me
Thomas C. Jachimczyk
Stratford, CT 06614
Works for Powerball in CT. See no reason it wouldn't work for Mega Millions
Marcus R. Waller
Please allow the megaplier for all States
Lawrence Wright
Yes, we want the megaplier in VA
bob rohrberg
indianapolis in , usa
it has worked great for powerball
Karla Smoot
Baltimore, MD
We need megaplier added to MegaMillions
Wayne King
Columbus, GA USA
Do it for the pl,ayers, please.
John P. Schmidt
sun prairie/wi/usa
Robert E Sparrow, Jr.
Newport News, VA
Help the middle class
Rick Randolph
Northport, AL, United States
Good Idea!
r wilt
holland/ ohio/ usa
go for it, what can it hurt?
Brooklyn, New York/USA
I want the Megaplier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ernie Parish
let the megaplier add to the winnings
Dorian T. Mims
I live in Texas but I do play Mega Millions from other states also. The megaplier would be great!
Phillip Bryant
Yes ,let all players have the same game, not just one state
joe knarr
please add this option
Stephen Braz
Highland Park/NJ/Middlesex
No comment
Geraldine Szymczak
Warren, Mi, Macomb
I would like to see this happen.
Roger A. Hoffman
I would like to see the Megaplier just like Powerball
Dan Kopenec
Orland Park, IL USA
Lets do it!
Marc Michon
Clinton Township/MI/United States
Catherine Wenstrom
I would like the Megaplier.
no comment
Pat & Jerry Weaver
Ellijay, Ga. USA
We need it here!
Kristin Fetters
Flint, Michigan, United States
I would like to see the megaplier to
roy price
las vegas
hope to win

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