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chicago,il usa
i play the powerball,and would play more mega millions if there was a megaplier
Jon G.
Lenox, Mich USA
it not fair that Texas is the only state that have mage millions megaplier.
can't wait
Munroe Falls, Ohio
It would be nice to have a chance of increasing my winnings!
Mary Blanchard
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida / USA
I live in Fla, but play Mega Millions when I travel. I want the megaplyer.
Port monmouth New Jersey Usa
I hope this goes thru
L Quinney
Asheville, NC
It's time to match Powerball. Do it now!
Daryl Simes
south plainfield,nj
what's the deal mf?
mike mitchell
Baltimore, MD
Curt Swatkiewicz
Palatine, IL, USA
Please add the Megaplier to Mega Millions!
Daniel J. McBride
Pittsburgh,Pa. USA
I don't win much very often, but it would be nice to get a little more when I do win something.
Vincent Houston
Holt MI/ USA
If Michigan is looking for more lottery revenue, why are they dragging their feet on this method?
Jack Wright
Alexandria, VA
It's about time someone got on this
James Sims
LaGrange, GA, USA
we need the megaplier
Christopher O'Toole
Waverly, VA U.S.A.
Sounds like a good idea
B Griffin
cisco, tx
players need more choices
Please add the Megaplier option.
savannah ga
count me in.
Belleville, NJ USA
I'm all for this Megaplier thing
Peter Mazzella
Give the lower prize winners a shot at a windfall
austin guo
taylor, MI
that's the only way to be fair for players from all 11 states.
John S
scotch plains nj
more money for lower prize amounts
O'Neil McPherson Jr
West Orange
I want to play the Megaplier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Petition both Mega & PB lotteries to open both lotteries to any & all states and each go to 3 draws.
John Cruse
Atlanta, GA
PLease add it to Georgia
Robert Walli
I like that idea
Martin W Harbutt
South Plainfield,NJ
New Jersey Big Game Players will love this.
sounds like a great idea
I would like to play Megaplier.
Gerald LoPiccolo
Sparta, NJ
"It's for the children" !!
Maithil Patel
Marlboro, NJ USA
Even if people dont use the Megaplier, it should atleast be an option.
bernard rogers
Let's have it
Darrell Williams
Summerville,SC USA
I want to make megamillions stronger
Clarissa Bradford
I would love to have the option of playing the Megaplier. I play Mega Millions in Georgia.
Pemberville,Ohio - Wood County
i'm in - sounds good
Dallas, Texas
We already have it, but I think everyone should
I feel that this would be a good thing for the Mega Millions games.
great idea
Vince Indelicato
Warrenton, VA, USA
The Megaplier should have been incorporated in all states from the beginning!
John Peck
Summerville, S.C. , U.S.A.
needed to compete with powerball
Woody Steverson
Selbyville, DE
A long overdue idea whose time has come.
I want the Megaplier in Megamillions!
Clarence H. Richmond
I live 45 min from the GA state line and play the MegaMillions game
David Ruehl Sr.
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
I'd like to see the lower end prizes increased.
Jim Grimes
Columbia City, Indiana
I don't understand the objection; the Megaplier will only increase sales, so what's the problem?
Cleveland, Ohio USA
It would be great to have a Megaplier option
Baltimore, MD USA
Listen to the players
chris brann
Bremerton, Washington State
Northeastern PA
2x to 5x all prizes but jackpot, go for it...
New Jersey
It would be easy to add this feature -- just do it now!

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