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Timothy D. Cox
make it easier to win more
dorchester,ma usa
Please add the megaplier to the mega millions, it only makes since.
Gregg Davis
El Paso/TX/USA
I thought all M-P states had Megaplier -- WHY NOT?
Michael Arnett
Why Not?
Franklin N.C.
I think it's fair.Also to have the education lottoery in N.C.
oklahoma city,ok.
megaplier is ok.I just wish you could bring the lotto here so I would not have to drive to texas all
Jim Berry
Lets get it started
zennie johnson
sounds interesting
Fort Lee, NJ
It works well with Powerball...
Robin Harper
Oak Harbor/WA/USA
If the people PAYING are willing to pay an extra dollar, that's added income...what's the holdup?
Scott Martin
Normal IL USA
Sounds like a good idea why doesn't IL have this feature it won't cost the lottery any more money
Gerry Riley
Please approve Megaplier!!
Nema Cyrus
Parkersburg, WV
I play Mega Millions!
I'm poor and trying to help the economy by playing, and I need all the $ I CAN GET!!!
Chris Bolita
Why Not? Another method of bilking idiot dreamers (like me)
David O. Groves
South Beloit, IL, USA
Smarten up people, you are only delaying the inevitable!
Pittsburgh, Pa/ USA
Am very seriously thinking of qutting the Mega Millions game because you don't have the 'Megaplier'
players deserve the megaplier
nancy eubank
morristown tn
power ball has power play so lets have megaplier
Jekabs Cirulis
Lansing, MI , USA
Up the Megaplier!
pasay city
Joe Garvey
Yonkers, NY USA
Get it done!!!!!
charles stillings
boscawen, n.h. U.S.A.
could be the incentive for some to play
Howard Robinson
Lithonia, GA, USA
I think the megaplier would generate more participation from lottery players in all states envolved.
regarding the Megaplier
geralde young
westland mich wayne
yes i argee megaplier the millions
d w stevens
seattle washington u s a
yes let's have megaplier
patrick bragg
las vegas, nv/usa
with out the players the game keepers would have no games
Ruth Thompson
Waukegan, Il
let more people win in different ways or modes, thanx
Sunny Hise
West Los Angeles/CA/USA
I play online, from California, as you know we have to play 5 tickets just to buy 1,this will help.
Victor Aguilar
Naperville, IL
Come on, just do it!!!
Boston / MA / USA
good luck
Donald Canull
Gap, Pa /USA
I live in Pa but play in MD & NY
Larry Saylor
Whitney Texas
You are giving 1$ for 140m to one odds why would you want to give twice, think about it.
gary e mccollum
east peoria ,il usa
Jan Younger
Haw River,nc,us
why not?
West Salem, OH, USA
Ohio should have this too.
Kevin Kropp
Cherry Valley, NY, USA
I want more for NY!
Robert J. Pryde
Brighton, MI US
Show me the money!
Lani M Wood
Rome, PA USA
Bring it up to par with the Powerball game
Walter Williams
Smithfield/ NC/ US
We want the Megaplier
Travis Bishop
Roanoke, VA, USA
more options = more $$ for everyone
Marcia Pergiel
The other multi-state game already has the multiplier option for 2 to 5 times. why not Mega Millions
Andrew Cox
Mt. Clemens, MI
dumb not to megaply
Lynn Trindal
Midlothian, IL
Stop Dragging your feet! Just do it!!
Steven Pickwns
Palmyra, NJ
Add the Megaplier!!!!!!
John J. Dempsey
Rochester, New York
If a "megaplier" is added to Jackpots up to say $100 Million, it will certainly increase sales!!!
Royal Johnson
Vancouver, WA
As long as the 1X isn't included, I'm all for it!
Deborah Lewis
Loganville, GA. USA
A Mega Millions Megaplier would be great!

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