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Bill Myers
Atlanta, GA
we need the Megaplier!!
Peter P Towns
East Brunswick/NJ/USA
Yeah why not.
Bob Graff
Rock Island, IL USA
Please add multiplier
Clary V. Luzi
Cross Village, Michigan
Make Mega Millions more appealing.
Dorothy L Davis
Norfolk, VA
why not go for more money$$$$
Jeff Neracher
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Please make megaplier available in Michigan
James T Little
Winston Salem/NC/USA
Make the game more exciting
Joey P. Brenner
Chicago, IL
What's up with those lotteries that won't listen to the players??
john carney
richmond, va
great idea
chicago, IL USA
sign 4 the increase, so be it!
Palm Coast, FL, United States
Yes Please do this
Rod Coachman
Megaplier is a good addition
Alice Brown
Washington, DC, USA
The megaplier be good; but bigger payoffs for matching numbers be best...paying more for nonwinners
Lacotta Brown
Forestville, MD, USA
Considering the jackpot amout, larger prizes should be given for matching numbers.
Dave Janiszewski
Mount Vernon ,oh 43050
Sounds good
Ricky Sims
Timberlake, N.C. USA
I play in Virginia
Michael E Chatman
Blue Island/IL/USA
More money means more revenue with more players
Michael K. Fletcher
Houston, Texas
Let all the Mega Millions states have a chance to Megaply!:-)
William Taylor
Baltimore, MD USA
Please give us the choice
Virginia Beach, VA
Eric Tsai
Los Angeles, CA
I don't play Mega Millions, but more options never hurt.
Laurei Bell
Melvindale, Mi, Wayne County
It's interesting that most people don't even know this has been available.... why would THAT be?
Michael Tucker
Orland Park, IL, USA
Show me the money!
Jeff Parry
Please add Megaplier option
Harrisburg, Pa. 17109
I'm in a Powerball State, we don't have Mega Millions. But the people down the road should.
Everett Norris
Normal, IL
I support the Megaplier option.
Jerry Bell
Fayetteville, AR, USA
The Texas Multiplier is Great. Wow. Awesome.
Donald Howe
Adams,Ma 01220
Great idea
Adam Hyman
Marietta, GA USA
I think it would boost lottery sales significantly.
Frank Gonzales
Schaumburg, IL , USA
This added feature should be a sellout.
gary meyer
chattanooga,tn. usa
a great idea
Laverne Rogers
Newport News/VA/USA
Megaplier NOW please!!!! Thanks!!
David Flaherty
I want the megaplier
Brent Flaherty
Juanita L. Brown
I think this is a very good idea
Ramrick Glasper
Winston-Salem, NC
Adding Megaplier would provide incentive for those that do not win jackpots plus $$ to the lottery.
Robert Morrarty
Danbury,CT USA
I think it's great
John Gondeck
Baltimore, Md.
It would be good for everyone
Brett Roundtree
Tinton Falls, NJ, USA
I would gladly add the $1.00 per board bet to have a chance to multiply my winnings.
Melanie Jones
Lancaster, VA/USA
Megaplier is an excellent reward and incentive to play mega millions.
Veronica Currey
Whitwell, TN. USA
I want this. i am a frequent player.
John Svoboda
Give something to the people
Kathryn Brownlee
Pinckney, Michigan USA
please add Megaplier to Michigan Mega Millions
Harry A. Bowen
Pennsville, NJ, USA
Sounds good to me
mildred Ramsey-Anthony
Jamestown South Carolina United States
I agree
pj parson
flint mi
this is a good option for players
Joshua Remelius
Harrison Township
Great Idea!
Pamela Smith
I would like this feature addeed to the current mega millions lottery.
Marcus Deliote
Nutley, NJ
Please add the Megaplier!

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