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zeta willis
college park
This would help in so many ways
Diane Kastner
Lindenhurst, NY
Sounds like a great idea
Pomona, CA
Bring Mega Millions Megaplier to California
Wardell t ward
Howell nj
I cant hit the megaplier
kirk fowlkes
seaford ny nassau
bring it
Veronica Tubbins
Las Vegas
I am having problems to play the Mega Millions, but will say it's a shame Megaplier not on . I
john bentley
long branch/nj/usa
yeah mon
May M. Fung
West Covina/CA/LA
what's megaplier
Jason Jones
Charleston WV
yes we want it
vincent la manna
west hempstead ny 11552
let us all in the megaplier not just a few states
James Clancy
Albrightsville, Pa
Rosemarie perotte
Give md tHe mega pliers like texas
efren ana jr.
god bless america
minwu wang
Allorah Zigray
Oklahoma City
Please do this
Emigdio A Vasquez
I would like to add the megaplier to mega millions !
Jose Alberto
Misantla, Veracruz, (Mexico) 93821
I just want to now info about Mega Lottery
Victor Sacks
Fairfield, Ca. USA
Add Megaplier to California
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
ronal ibarra
norawalk, ct
very good
Laverne Wessells
Jersey City
this will help people who really help
Robert Rock
Phelan, Ca. USA
give us the option at least
Mariya Ponomareva
Bismarck / North Dakota / burleigh
I want to win :) please
pat comer
mountlake terraces.washington
no comment
allow megaplier feature in WA state
long beach California
win big
william nean
modesto/ ca/ stnislaus
iam ca.resdient of
barbara harang
HEMET ca usa
this would be great in california
Diane Dutch
Peru Illinois US
Lets take Texas lead and add Megaplier to Mega Millions.
Roy Walker
I have matched a few number with the Megaplier only to find out that my 5X meant nothing extra.
robert e frank
Carroll Iowa carroll
need the numbers
Donald Zombo
Make the megaplier a reality!!!
marco furlan
Las Vegas
will be atractive
des moines
nothing to say.
Shaistha Ali
G.dh Thinadhoo/Male'/ Maldives
can i trust ??
Norma da silva
Sarasota fl
I like loteries
Julio Ruiz JR
Utica/New York/US
Please Just Add The Megaplier In My State.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Like to play lottery
alor setar,kedah,malaysia
please let me know how I can participate in this lotterry draw
John White
Ventura, CA
Dont Discriminate, I want the Megaplier in California!
porterville CA
bok s. yee
san francisco ca
most states will not have megaplier
Paul Reynolds
It is are right as the player/ consumer. Thank you
Shirley Todd
Los Angeles, California
State of California pocket monies for themselves, which is why they don't want to change the laws.
read this
Katherine boles
las vegas
we dont have lottery in nevada but I drive to are stateline and buy tickets
Becki Duby

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