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Jonathan Such
Hamilton, NJ, USA
We deserve it!
Shawn Burgy
Powerball Rules...Powerplay
frances petralia
timberville va.rockingham co.
i like a chance to double my money on this megaplier
Richard Peters
Danville,IL. 61832
I think that this also would be a great add on
Edward Terpilowski
Selbyville De. Susexx
only fair
nikki hill
baltimore ,md
if you do it for one state it is only right to do it for all the states
the South Korea
billy reeves
what is a megaplier
Norman Guido Sr
I want to INCREASE MY WINNINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rob lewis
The megaplier would increase my chances of playing!
Wiliam Holland
lottery should be consistent - Megaplier
cinda burton
ocala, fl
please add megaplier to all georga mega million drawings
Donna S. Bergeron
Spokane, WA USA
Sounds great!
John D. Crellin
Park Hall/Md/USA
Please add the Megaplier in Maryland
Charmaine LaGrone
Pennsauken NJ USA
I drive all the way to P.A. to play power ball because they have better pay offs with power pay
matt perry
mt. zion Illinois USA
bring the megaplier to illinois
Hallie Torian
Newark NJ
we are entitle to the megaplier in New Jersey.
Veronica Gentry
yadkinville NC 27055
Give the players one reason why not Megaplier
terry jenkins
this will make megamillions more appealing!
New York Need Megaplier Big state
Angel O`Farrill
Puerto Rico
We want the Megaplier to Mega Millions
Jacob Tillman
Why wouldn't every state use the megajplier? It gives bigger prizes and generates more revenue.
Delavago Scruggs
hanover, md
We want the megaplier
CIndy Brown
Alexandria/ VA/USA
Add Megaplier to Mega Millions
Pais Donovan
New York
Needs to be in NY
atlanta, ga, usa
bring it here....we deserve it!
DeAndre Barnes
Carleton, MI
Having the multiplexer would produce a higher level of revenue for the lottery
i.p. freely
chicago il.
don't steel the money give it to the players
Sherry Miller
We need megaplier, why haven't we gotten it yet?
Jimmy Sanders
Stroudsburg, PA
No Comment
Rosemary Martin
Cleveland, Ohio
add it
Rick Gurley
Woodridge, IL / USA
Please add the megaplier to the Mega Millions game.
Weeda Tuff
Hollis, New York USA
Please add the Megaplier to MegaMillions, It's a realy great game that can be made greater. build it
Carl Van Arsdale
Tuckerton, NJ, USA
Looks like a good idea
Bradley Lang
Goshen, IN USA
Let's do this
William Judd
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
Lets get more money into the hands of the people.
sandra horner
austell ca.30168
i agree
ann goodenough
let's upgrade the game
gloria marable
clinton, n.c. usa
i think the megaplier should be added
Eric Curlee
Daly City, CA, USA
Just Do It!
steven almond
parkside/ pa./ usa
it would make it worth playing more
Earl D. Williams
Union, NJ. USA
Bring on the Megaplier in New Jersey.
West Point, VA USA
Include the megaplier
Elmhurst, Il usa
do it
Denise Smith
everyone should have the chance to mulitply their winnings, just like us lucky Texans!
Rod Bahem
Fair Oaks
And make California add Megaplier to Mega Millions
Evelyn Strait
Paterson, New Jersey USA
No Comment

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