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angela betancourt
bpt./ ct/ fairfield
yes.we the players also can decide, ad the megaplier to the mega millions
Vijyeta Kapur
Monroe, NJ Middlesex
Please allow Megaplier for MM. We deserve it just like the Powerball states do!
edie cline
rainbow city,al, usa
non-resident player
Jorge Mallo
is time for PA to have the mega millions lottery
Marian Andrews
New Castle
The Sooner The Better
joanne evans-davis
we need it
ernest J green
capitol heights, md
will make games more interesting and chancy
Jack L Dixon
Dayton/Ohio/United States
Sounds like a great idea.
Sandra Rocker
Junction City, Kansas U.S.
It's time everyone else has the same opportunity as Texas players...Come on now fair is fair!
Nay Gibson
please add megaplier
Ronald Littrell
St.Louis ,Mo. U.S.A>
Please consider this request.
M Whiteside
Weaver, AL/ USA
I would like the Megaplier added to Mega Millions
[email protected]
Gerald Cunningham
Euclid/ OH/USA
Make Mega Millions more interesting to play
I hope commissioner of Illinois is listen to me let bring Megaplier hear in Chicago, instead pocket.
madison pa 15663
im all for it lets get it done now
john m cardoso
san marcos ca USA
We want the megaplier
Tom Wolfe
Bridgeton, NJ, USA
What for?
Harold Johnson
Villa Park / IL./ DuPage
Let's get on the band wagon-use Megaplier
i would like to play mega millions
dianna f. mitchell
silver spring md 20906
yes i want the megaplier and i would like to subscription application over the line
Eldoris Mason
Chicago,IL . USA
perry rogers
burton/ mich /usa
where is the dam intrest going.we have a right to know now!!!!
Jimmy Steen
Bethune, SC USA
Lets add variety, an use records for money spent for tax purposes [we all need a break]. More player
carl malton
ny ny USA
This would be great for all loto players
sandra evans
wake forest north caro;lina
how do i play and where do i get my numbers
karen johnson
sterling heights michigan usa
let us have the option
Herman Gardi
N. Augusta, SC
Yes, I want it.
Harold Reid
Beaver Springs,Pa.Snyder
put the Mega in one of the biggest states Pa.
Gregory A Jump
Omaha Neb USA
We want it
eddie sims
would love to have the megaplier
karl king
boco raton fl 33434
i like more chances
James Pfeffer
Granada Hills/CA/USA
Please make the Megaplier a reality!
nannie mims
santa ana,ca
welcoming in becoming a big winner very soon
roseville mi us
It makes more money for you too.
Adam Collins
Chattanooga TN
I play powerball in TN and i want Megaplier in Georgia
baber shah
east lansing, mi, us
the megaplier feature would be great and good competition to the Powerball
more players needs to win . Vs only ONE PERSON
thomas dunn
buddlake nj morris [email protected]
we want megaplier in newjersey
dorothy brooks
phila pa
we want the mega millions
william schrimpf
stoneham mass 02180
share the wealth let everybody have it across the board
c l houston
will increase winning and school funding
Kinston, Nort Carolina
thanks for the info!
brock lady
hortonville/NY/ USA
megaplier please!
Bongani Joseph Nxumalo
why not ?

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