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Ong Map
Ware, Ma. USA
Do the right thing and add Megaplier to Mega Millions in all states.
Jim Lampmann
NJ needs something to liven up the lottery
denise jefferson
richmond, virginia
I would like to have that option to play megaplier
madison clark
richmond, va
i want the MEGAPLIER
Stacey Cline
cedar bluff, Al Us
We need win more money
Mike Burk
Bellevue, WA U.S.A.
Well, since I haven't won even a small pay-out yet, I would like the first to be more. :)
agawam, ma. USA
I want megaplier
Chris Andres
Rochester Hills/Michigan/USA
They already get a big cut of the jackpot and then we are taxed well beyond fair reasoning. SHARE!
Kathryn Wiese
Clinton Township/MI/U.S.A.
Why are we being denied this?
Dan McGovern
Lyndhurst, NJ
Tony Blakeman
Atlanta, GA, Fulton
Yeah, That's the stuff!
Dale Greenwood
Mattoon, IL USA
Please add the megaplier.
Billy Beaird
Lincoln Al. Talladega
More Action with Magaplier
ed cavanagh
st,louis, Mo. USA
Jut add expiration date, like powerballI. I buy 15 weeks at a time, Never sure of expiration date
no comment
The Balz Family
Grand Rapids MI USA
Randolph Williams
That would be DOPE!!!
Arthur Seto
me too!
Mike Mughl
NorthBrook IL
what are these people waiting for?? :-(
Geoffrey Baker
Please enable the Megaplier!
Weldon E Anderson
Queens Village NY
Please add the Megaplier to Mega Millions
Braddock Scott Mudge
Jackson, New Jersey
You need to have smaller jackpots and more winners. When the odds are one in 35,000,000 why bother?
Beverly Flemings
North Brunswick New Jersey USA
Everyone should have a choice
Tx usa
I loves to play games smile.....
athens,ga. usa
Leslie Wasserman
I love Megaplier~~~
Glenn D. Hansel
Baltimore, MD USA
this will enhance the Mega=Million Lottery
James whitburn
columbus GA
make this and other lotteries avaialbe in all states.
Angel Rivera
more power tp you
La Faris Brooks
Springfield, MA USA
We definitely need the megaplier so that I and other can receive more money
Greensboro,GA USA
This would make playing mega millions more interesting
Elizabeth Strickland
yes definately
charles taylor
waverly, tenn 37185
tom june
Bring it on!
Dean Howe
Grand Rapids Mi USA
Sounds like a good idea
mega millions
sandra darnell
lewisburg,tn usa
i think they should add it,to better compete with powerball.
frank cosgrove
houston tx
its not an all or nothing game
we need all the chances we can get!
Halley DeVestern
Brooklyn, NY USA
Sounds like a fine idea
Joyce Murphy
Suffolk, Virginia
This could be a great advantage for many lotto players.
Bernice Jones
Goldsboro /NC /USA
Want the Megaplier
Glen Oaks/NY/usa
Please add it
Doug Arthur
Gatlinburg, TN. USA
bring it on, stop the absourdity
Mike Arndt
Rich is nice, filthy rich, hmmm, interesting
Glenn Fetherolf
Westerville, OH
Why not?
Lil Teezie
Chattanooga, TN, United States
I want to predict my lottery numbers
Gerald Winberg
I wouldd also like the megaplier, I enjoy playing the mega millions but would like the prize increas
George Pe Than
Maryland, U.S.
Let's try to reach the billion mark, millions are things of the past
ray barnes
stone mtn ga uca
teach me how to win the lottery

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