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Central Islip/NY/Suffolk
Please make the game more like regular ny lotto (6/59)
Norvin Ennis
WE WANT Megaplier
Tim Rogers
South Pittsburg, Tn usa
Sounds like a good thing 2 me
William Hester
I want the megaplier
james wright
wheeling, wv/usa
I live in W.Va. but play in Ohio. I would like to see the megaplier option available.
roger billerey
Charllote, nc
more money is always better
Union, new jersey
I believed it would give players a better chance
if given the opportunity I would purchase
Becky Barton
We need the Megapiler!!
Mark Martin
Las Vegas, NV USA
Give the olayers what they want!
michele l seip
5 TIMES higher
Kevin Fraschilla
Riverside, NJ USA
claudiu barbu
st louis mo
good idea
Ellaville, Ga
I know that this will help
Emma Plummer
monroe, mich. U.S.A
I, agree.
Roger Sullivan
When I play powerball, I use the power play, it should be added
P Lambird
Please add a Megaplier to Mega Millions Lottery.
cory dorsey
just make it fair for all states in involved.
Wilbur D. Campbell
lets do it
T Martineck
Melrose Park/Illinois/USA
Just do it!
Kenneth Strong
flint,michigan, united states
I recently picked 4 numbers and won 150.00 and this is a huge drop from 5 numbers and 175,000.
grand rapids/michigan/usa
sounds like a winner
Robert Kross
Bennett Finkelstein
looks great would you add a $1 to every number sequence or for a $5 ticket or what?
Bruce Eastman
Glenview,IL USA
Good Luck
Rick Oglenski
Jefferson Township, NJ, USA
inkster/ michigan
go lottery
Sherwood Smith
Potsdam,NY/St. Lawrence
Please ADD the Megaplier to be fair!
richard l park
akron ohio usa
do it
Charlie Miller
Westville, IN.USA
It would be nice to have this feature :)
Terry Boors
Connellsville, Pa. USA
If it's good enough for Texas, then it should be good enough for all the other states. Powerball!
jay akushi
new brunswick, nj, us
show me the money
Leo Eldekin
St. Louis/Missouri/USA
Oh heck yeah, I play the multiplier all the time on Powerball lottery, why not Mega Millions?!
Andrew Paluch
Miami Beach, FL, USA
players should have the option to do this on-line and off-line.
luigi deluca
auburn hills,mi,usa
good luck trying to get these states to part with money.the more they take in the less they pay back
Ray Wheeler
Please add the Megaplier !!!!
Darlene Cummings-Corley
Akron, Oh, USA
I would like the options to play Megaplier games in the State of Ohio
ismael carrero jr
jersey city, nj usa
i wholly support the megaplier concept
Michael Gabriel
Hillside/ NJ/ USA
I want to see the megaplier in NJ
kenyetta williams
i won 175000 in 2002 and if i had the megaplier it would of been so much more
BLACKLICK, OH, United States
robert boemmel
baltimore/maryland/united states
i want megaplier...powerball has it why cant we
Frances Singleton
Would like the option to choose to play Megaplier.
Rick Belli
Aliquippa, PA, USA
Im a steady Powerball player near Ohio border. I'd make the trip over more often with the megaplier!
Dana Cousins
Brownsboro, Al, USA
I get my tickets in Georgia, until Alabama gets smart.
Ernest L.Wilcox
Bryan, OH USA
please add the megaplier
Martin Brennan
linden n.j.u.s.a
please add the megaplier to n.j. mega millions
Simeon D. Wright
Jamaica, New York
If Powerball has it why can't we.
scotty jones
virginia beach va usa
I want the megaplier

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